Russellville Grange
12105 NE Prescott St. Portland Oregon 97220


Reservations: 503-252-6044

Rates for rental of Hall and Grounds are as follows


$90hr Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays
$75hr Monday - Thursday (with the exception of holidays)
$25hr Pre-event setup time (set up of tables, chairs, decoration, musical instruments, food prep etc.)
$50 Non Refundable Administrative Fee (paid at time of deposit) Not Refundable

Cleaning Fee - Not Refundable 

(4hrs < $100 - >4 hrs $200)

$300 Security Deposit Check- This Check will be held until a complete survey of  grange property in daylight has been completed following your event to determine if all conditions have been met as per the Rules & Regulations stated in the contract

Security fee is required if Alcohol is going to be consumed on grange property. Not Refundable

$200 This Minimum Deposit  secures your place on the calendar and not refundable on cancelation of event(s) or rescheduling of event(s) after 5 days from date of deposit. Deposits above minimum allowed is refundable after 30 Days.

Tickets fee, If tickets are to be sold at the door to an event (Requires Door Security) Not Refundable

Long Term Contract Rates

$35 hr – Daily events

$45 hr – Weekly events

$55 hr – Monthly events

$65 hr (Premium days) Fri, Sat, Sun and Holidays.

$50 Application fee (paid following signature/renewal of long term contract)

Cash only on events however a Check is required for the security deposit!


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